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Save up to 80% off on genuine Office 2016 software for windows and Mac. Get 1TB OneDrive storage and Skype Calls free with office 365. Students can save 10% off on all microsoft software’s.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Promo Code for windows and Mac

By   February 21, 2018

This Office Home & Student 2016 for PC can rightly be called as a gift for persons who wish to have basic Office applications for a single user on single Windows PC.  This version gives the users a fully installed Office on 1 PC.

Basic Office 2016 tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are included while Outlook, Publisher, and Access are completely absent. This basic version even doesn’t come loaded with 1 hour Skype calls per month and 1TB OneDrive cloud storage. In addition to these setbacks, even updates to Office applications aren’t available. Despite these drawbacks, it is one of the best suites available for 1 PC.

Signing into Office 2016 lets the user access OneDrive and this enables the user access all the recent files on any device and also assists with flawless integration. And with OneNote present, the user can store all his ideas, web pages, notes, audio and also video files in a single place as OneDrive acts as a personal digital notebook. OneNote literally allows the users to carry all their stuff wherever they go apart from allowing them to share and work with others.

The Word is also there to give master-class appeal to your documents with its latest editing, sharing and review tools. The Smart Lookups and latest Design tab give the edge of working on Word. While Word is there to give a classy and professional look to documents the user has Excel to easily wind up all the works related to numerical calculations and so on.

Don’t forget this suite also gives access to PowerPoint and as we know PowerPoint application is indispensable for presentations and it simply allows the users to present their documents and other stuff like a pro.

In addition to all these technical pros, the user also gets Microsoft trust and guarantee in addition to unending support. So, get your work done in higher quantities by subscribing to this version using Office Home & Student 2016 Promo Code.

Grab best deals using Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac Promo Code

By   February 5, 2018

Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac:

While Office Home & Student 2016 for PC aims at functioning on PC Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac aims to run on Mac. The only difference is, the foremost version does not run on Mac and the later version does not work on PC.

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac runs exceptionally well on 1 Mac and also include almost all the features of Office. It comes with fully updated versions of Word, OneNote, Excel, and PowerPoint while Outlook, Publisher, and Access are not present in it same like Office Home & Student 2016 for PC. The user has the feasibility of storing files in Cloud using OneDrive. This software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and includes all languages.

Office 2016 in this version is specially designed for Mac to give the users the edge of Office features and Mac superiority. Office is designed to grab the advantage of all the up-to-date features of Mac inclusive of Retina display, scroll bounce, crystal clear Pixelsense display and full-screen view support. It can rightly be called as the perfect combo of your favorite Office you depend upon and the ultra-modern Mac you love to have.

Your Mac needs Intel processor alongside Mac OS X 10.10 or later operating system in addition to 4GB RAM and 6GB hard disk space.

With the latest version of Office applications such as Word that makes documents a state-of-art craft, PowerPoint that gives your presentations and slide shows a new lease of life, Excel that makes you analyze and visualize the data, be it numerical or other in the most convenient way, and  OneNote that acts as your personal digital notebook you can for sure make the best working out of Mac that itself is a master device. With these latest applications of Office present in this suite and cutting-edge of Mac specifications, the user can be assured of hassle-free working.

The only thing you need to do to install it on your Mac is to subscribe this version using Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac Promo Code.

Save 16% on Office 365 Home yearly subscription with Promo Code with free Skype calls

By   February 1, 2018

Office 365 Home can rightly be called the best software available for households at present. This powerful suite comes with all the latest up-to-date Office applications to make work easy and fun. And interestingly it also has additional OneDrive storage for nearly 5 users and so what more can we ask for.

Subscribing for Office 365 Home enables the subscribers to access fully installed Office suite on PCs, tablets, Macs, and mobiles.

Office 365 Home gives the power of all the inbuilt applications of Office such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Publisher. However, the availability of these applications changes depending on the device the user uses. For instance, Publisher is available only for PC with this suite and even Access is also present only for PC and is absent for tablets, mobiles, and Macs. Along with the device, the availability of features and applications also depend on language and platform.

This Office 365 Home version also gives the users two more additional benefits: each user gets 1TB OneDrive cloud storage for free and also 1 hour Skype calls absolutely free per month.

The other benefits that come along with this suite are:

  • It can be subscribed either as a monthly or yearly subscription. Yearly subscription gives 16% saving.
  • With just one subscription user can use this suite on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 phones, and 5 tablets.
  • 1TB OneDrive Cloud storage can be used by 5 users at a time in addition to extending the free Skype calls worth 60 minutes to 5 users.

• All the applications present in this software version are always latest and up to date in addition to having new features that are exclusive only for this suite.

All you need to do to grab this wonderful version is to use Microsoft Office 365 Home Promo Code and enjoy it in addition to getting Microsoft support through phone or chat absolutely for free of cost.

Office 365 University Promo Code for Hassle Free Learning

By   June 27, 2017

Microsoft Office 365 University is designed to make education fun and an easy task. This 4 years subscription is designed to assist the students in completing academic works in no time and from almost all entire range of devices and anywhere. It now comes with the updated Office 2016 applications designed for your Mac and PC. This software runs on Windows 7 or later versions. And the best bet to buy this is to use Microsoft Office 365 University Promo Code.

Students could be fit for free Office through your schools, universities, or colleges. Check the rules and regulations and know if you are eligible. Same like students’ faculty, parents and teachers too could be fit for a free subscription.

What apps are present?

Microsoft Office 365 University has entire updated Office applications such as Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, and Outlook. All these apps make student’s focus more on education and excel.

University works on multiple devices at the same time. Experience the power of Office on up to 2 PCs, tablets, Macs, and 2 phones (including Windows, Apple, and Android gadgets). However, the features and applications vary for different devices and platforms. Use Microsoft Office 365 University promo code to experience the manifold uses of University 365.

PC has Office 2016 versions of Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, and Access. Windows 7 or later is needed.

Mac: It has all the Office 2016 versions same as the PC version but doesn’t have Publisher and Access. Mac OS X 10.10 or later is required.

Windows tablet: It also has all features of Office 2016 versions same like PC. Windows 8 or later versions are required. Office Mobile applications consist of Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel and require Windows 10.

Windows phone: Office Mobile applications include all the apps present in Windows tablet in addition to Outlook Mail, and Outlook Calendar and it also requires Windows 10.

Office for iPad and iPhone requires iOS 8.0 or later while Office for iPad Pro needs iOS 9.0 or later. All the Android devices that have Kit Kat 4.4 or later version and possess an ARM-based or Intel x86 processor can deploy Office.

1 TB OneDrive cloud storage is present for all the devices of all Operating Systems.

Leverage Professionalism with Office Home and Student 2016 Promo Code

By   June 20, 2017

Office Home and Student 2016 software from Microsoft is best for personal uses and petty school tasks. It is the perfect suite for PC and gives all the features of Office to give your work the Office edge.

By subscribing to this software one will get the latest versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. This software compatible with Windows 7 or later versions also stores all files in the cloud with the help of OneDrive. It comes with total languages included.

Users can do more, be it house related works or school related works. Just subscribe the version using Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Promo Code. This latest software is designed to assist you in creating and organizing things quickly with lot many time-saving tools and default collaboration tools that are new and modern. In addition, a user can access files from anywhere with the help of OneDrive.

When you have the power of Word creating and sharing documents with the help of master-class editing, sharing and reviewing tools is easy and on time. The latest Design tab gives quick entry to all features, and the Smart Lookups displays related contextual data directly from the internet even without the need to move off from the Word.

Visualize and analyze the data in latest and instinctive means with a new user interface in addition to most trusted keyboard shortcuts with the aid of Excel. Leverage features such as Formula Builder, Slicers, and Analysis Toolpak to save your time.

Deliberately make use of PowerPoint for professional presentations. Threaded comments alongside the slides assist you to incorporate suggestions & feedback into the presentations. And you can do all these stuff using Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 promo code. Trust us this is the best professional suite for your personal works.

Microsoft Office 2016 Mac Promo Code for Different Variants

By   June 19, 2017

Mac makes working easier and when it has Microsoft Office 2016 then you are on the work always. Designed for Mac with unmistakable Office features user can deliver his best work—anytime, anywhere, and with anyone either online or offline. Office 2016 for Mac is at present purchasable with an Office 365 subscription as a once for all purchase. You can purchase Office 2016 for Mac either for home or business based on your need. The best feature is Office for Mac is tailor made for Retina Display.

Microsoft Office 2016 Home for Mac comes in 4 variants:

Office 365 Home for Mac:

What you get along with it?

  • Online storage for 5 users
  • Fully installed apps like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Outlook
  • It can be used even on PCs
  • Installation on 5 PCs/5 Macs, 5 phones, and 5 tablets
  • Available as monthly or annum subscription
  • 1TB cloud storage for 5 users

Office 365 Personal for Mac:

It perfectly falls in line for the single user making his/her work seemingly fast.  It has all the features of Office 365 Home for Mac, save for the latter is fit enough to serve 5 users while the foremost is fit for only 1 user. It has all the Office 2016 applications and can be subscribed to a monthly plan or yearly plan.

Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac:

Well, this not only meets individual’s petty needs but can also meet students’ academic needs. It provides fully installed Office for 1 Mac and is not compatible with PCs.

The Office applications it has are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, which are all essential for student’s life.

Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac:

This version can rightly be called as an extension to Microsoft Office 2016 Home for Mac. Though it runs on just 1 Mac, its functions are more advanced than the Office 2016 Home for Mac. It has Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, however, features and application availability differ by device, language, and platform, so check before subscribing this.

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Office 365 Personal Promo Code Makes Professional Life Easier

By   June 2, 2017

Office 365 Personal as the name suggests it is literally a personal manager to get all the personal and professional things done at the correct time from anywhere and on any device.

The only difference between Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home is the latter works on 5 devices while the former runs on only 1 device and rest of the all other features are the same. With never ceasing access to the latest versions and updates you are never forced to use old versions and apps. And the power of compatibility on Windows 7 and afterward versions and Mac OS X 10.10 All languages included will give you an edge of working.

Devices & OS it functions:

It works just perfectly for 1 Mac, 1 PC, 1 tablet taking into account iPad, Windows, and Android, in addition to 1 phone. The best part of the application is it assists in accomplishing the professional task from any location in the world.

Inbuilt Office applications:

It includes all the updated 2016 versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, and other essential features of Office 2016. These apps come for free without any need for payment or spending time for downloading.

The one thing that makes it more to possess is the allowance of carrying on work even without the need to stay online whilst letting it install on multiple gadgets.

While you experience the maximum Office apps you can also use OneDrive cloud storage to instantly access all your documents, videos, and photos. You can just begin your work such as editing, sharing and commenting on the files anywhere, and anytime on all the devices of your choice.

The power to automatically get updated to all the new features as soon as they are present is something that makes the user stay free of worry.

The subscriber is provided with 60-minute free Skype calling to mobiles or landlines and this can be extended to 1 hour per 5 users.

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Office Home and Student 2016 for mac Promo Code

By   April 14, 2017

A great way to work on Mac begins with Office Home & Student for Mac suite. The version is encrypted to make working easier and faster on Macs. Subscribing to this version will allow using all the latest features of it in Mac.

Safer storing of files is guaranteed as this version allows file storing in the cloud using OneDrive. The suite comes with all the latest features of PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and OneNote.

All new and up to date Excel and Word templates give you an edge while working on these inbuilt applications.

There are also many ways of saving on this version using Office Home and Student 2016 for mac Promo Code. Microsoft also throws away student and veteran discounts. Keep looking for great deals to save more while you enjoy the power of Office Home & Student for Mac. This typically designed version aimed at specifically Mac suites almost every need of personal works and also makes academic tasks easier. Priced at $149.99 the version is compatible on 1 Mac.

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 Promo Code

By   April 4, 2017

Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 for PC gives you the edge while working both personally and academically. The version has all the needed features to make your schooling more easy thereby giving you an edge in your academic works.

It perfectly works for single Windows PC and comes with latest installed versions of Excel, Word, OneNote and PowerPoint. Users can store all their data in the cloud with the help of OneDrive. Editing, sharing and viewing files online are seemingly easier than ever.

All new Excel and Word templates are the ones that give the professional edge to your works.

Check for Back to school promo code if you are a student or academician as Microsoft gives heavy discounts for these people. You can also claim your veteran benefits if your one.

The version comes at $149.99 and one can go for upgrades as and when Microsoft announces.  Check here for Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 Promo Code for windows and MAC.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Promo Code 2017 for Your Best Work

By   March 6, 2017

The initial release of Microsoft Office took place in the year 1990 and now it is more than two and half decades after the introduction of the first Office suite by Microsoft. This office suite is written in C++ and it works on Windows operating system that belongs to Microsoft. With the success of the initial release of Microsoft office, the company got the idea of releasing Office 365 as the cloud-based office suite in the year 2011. As against the earlier office suite, this is different in such a way that it is subscription based. But, similar to other office suites, this suite also has editions suitable for home use, business use, etc. Now, the availability of Microsoft Office 365 Business Promo Code can be good news for businesses planning for the purchase of a suitable office suite.

Fundamental details about Office 365 Business:

You can do your best work when you invest on this office suite as it comes with fully-installed office applications. In addition, you can browse this suite across your devices and apart from this you can enjoy online file storage and sharing as well. Office 365 Business now comes with New Office 2016 applications not just for your PC, but also for your Mac system.

Your office anywhere:

When you invest on this office suite, you will get your familiar office applications like Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and World wherever and whenever you need them. In addition, you will enjoy the features as you can enjoy saving on the cost of purchasing this suite with Microsoft Office 365 Business discount code.

Simplified collaboration:

As your files are stored over the web, you can share them with anyone and even with your co-author that too in real-time. This is possible regardless of wherever you are.

Always up-to-date tools:

As you are planning for Office suite for your business, you will get OneDrive as a part of this suite. When your business files are stored online, you can access them at anytime and anywhere. This means that you can always stay in sync and can always stay up-to-date. In addition, you will get the office applications always to stay up-to-date as this is the web-based office suite.


Generally, when it comes to usage of any application or product for your business, you should have complete peace of mind. You can get this peace of mind when using Office 365 business as Microsoft assures that your services are available with 99.9% uptime guarantee and also you will get financially backed service level agreement, when you pay your subscription for this product. The savings you can enjoy when paying subscription is another added advantage as you can use Microsoft Office 365 Business coupon code during the process.


Not just reliability, the security of your business data is something important to stay ahead in the competitive business world. Microsoft offers this suite with cutting-edge security practices with 5 layers of security and proactive monitoring, such that your data will stay safe over the web.


Your data will always remain yours as the suite assures complete privacy from Microsoft.


Without the requirement of any IT expertise, you can deploy and can manage office 365 business all through your company. In addition, effective administration is possible as you can add and can remove users within minutes.

Active directory integration:

You can also get to effectively manage your credentials and permissions. With the feature called Active Directory, it is possible to achieve single sign-on and synchronization.


Technical support from Microsoft is something that will make your working with Office 365 business easier. You can get your doubts clarified then and there and can also get how-to guides from Microsoft.