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Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Promo Codes 2017 Know the Working of the Console

By   March 23, 2017

The first video gaming console from Microsoft, Xbox was sold more than 20 million units from across the world right from its introduction in the year 2001. Even though, the Xbox is highly powerful, the other services from Microsoft like the Xbox online component and Xbox Live still outsold it. When the gaming industry moved into the next generation of video gaming technology, Microsoft decided to defeat Sony’s PlayStation and this motivated them to introduced Xbox 360. Two versions of Xbox 360 were introduced by Microsoft in November 2005 and they are the Xbox 360 Core System and Xbox 360 Premium Package. Before getting into a detailed history, it is important to keep yourself informed about Microsoft Xbox 360 console discount codes, if you are planning to purchase this console.

Line up of Xbox 360 consoles:

The Premium Package introduced by Microsoft is presently known simply as Xbox 360 console. Then, in the same year 2007, Microsoft introduced a new system called as Elite in the month of April. Again, the company came up with Xbox 360 Arcade in the same year in the month of October.

When it comes to Core System, it was introduced by Microsoft as a Plug and play model. Apart from the console, it encompasses the wired controller and an AV Cable. In addition, when you purchase the unit with Microsoft Xbox 360 Promo Codes, you will get a removable 20-GB hard drive, a headset, an Ethernet connectivity cable, an HD AV cable and a wireless controller. Initially, it also came with a DVD remote, but this is no longer available as a part of the package.

How about Xbox 360 Elite?

When you plan to opt for Xbox 360 Elite model, it is similar to that of the main Xbox 360 and it comes to a black case, matching wireless controller and headset. Besides these things, it also encompasses a larger 120 GB hard drive and an HDMI cable.

Xbox 360 Arcade:

With a view to meet the requirements of casual gamers, Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360 Arcade in the year 2007 on the month of October. It was given this game because it was introduced as a console with 3-5 Xbox Live Arcade games. Before its introduction, it was presumed that it would probably have games like Luxor 2, UNO and Pac Man.

Microsoft also prepared the subtle differences of the console for marketing associations. To mark the introduction of ‘the Simpsons Movie’, the company created a 100 restricted release of Simpsons Xbox 360s, which were distributed away in marketing tactics.

CPU in Xbox 360:

Similar to any computer, the CPU is the heart of the Xbox 360 gaming console. Microsoft has prepared the Xbox 360 with a 165-million transistor and a multicore processor that can run three 3.2 GHz Power PC cores. Each core on the chip functions as a separate processor to provide the best gaming experience to the players.

Again, you are recommended not to forget about Microsoft Xbox 360 console promotional codes before you take home this console.


This is yet another powerful additional part of Xbox 360. The system encompasses the new, tailor-made 500 MHz ATI graphics processor card with 10 MB of rooted DRAM. The excellent thing worth to mention about the Graphics Processor Unit card is that it is built on combined shadar architecture to bring the excellent gaming experience to the players.

At the same time, Xbox 360 can support four wireless controllers. In addition, the USB jack can be used for connecting devices like MP3 players and digital cameras. In addition, to help you visit online, Xbox 360 comes with an Ethernet port as well.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Promo Codes

By   October 21, 2016

Microsoft Xbox 360 Discount Codes – Get Complete Gaming and Entertainment Experience

When we hear the term ‘Microsoft’ most of us get Windows into our minds. But, Microsoft has made their name felt in the gaming industry as well. This was possible not just because of their gaming consoles, but also because of their services like Xbox live and also introduction of wide range of games that are specially designed for each version of their Xbox. They satisfy their gamers with exclusive games for Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. More than the gaming satisfaction they can gain in the future, the cost that can be saved during the investment on the gaming console will be something enthralling for gaming enthusiasts. This is possible with Microsoft Xbox 360 coupon codes.

A whole lot of entertainment:

Not just gaming, the users of Xbox 360 can get more than games like movies and television, music, sports and fitness with their gaming console. When you are able to achieve fitness at an affordable cost, will you feel hesitant about getting fit? So, make the best use of Microsoft Xbox 360 promotional codes free to get fitter now by investing on this gaming console.

Meet Xbox 360:

Before you invest on the unit with Microsoft Xbox 360 promotional code, it would be wise to have a virtual tour for understanding about the gaming console, right? Here are certain details you should be aware of:

The center of attention:

Not just the savings you can get with Microsoft Xbox 360 promo codes, but also the total gaming and entertainment experience you can get from the console will be highly enjoyable for you. With the huge collection of games, inclusive of titles, plus the feature of watching HD movies, television shows, sports, music and live events will bring a whole lot of enjoyment to your entire family. The console will turn out to be the center of your games and entertainment world.

Suits the gaming interest of all your family members:

Regardless of whether your son loves arcade games or whether your daughter loves puzzle games or whether you love fast and furious multiplayer games, each one of your requirement can be satiated with this investment with Microsoft Xbox 360 console coupons code. With a huge collection of games, there are games in the console that will meet the interest of each of your family members.

All your favorite applications handy:

You will be in a position to gain access to popular applications on Xbox 360, inclusive of Amazon instant video, Machinima, Crackle, Twitch, Hulyu and Netflix. When you invest on this unit with Microsoft Xbox 360 console promo codes or even without these codes, you will be in a position to enjoy your favorite entertainment applications like YouTube and Netflix on your television.

Get games:

As mentioned earlier, when you invest on this unit, you will get games with it automatically. But, if you are looking for more games and more fun, you can use Microsoft Xbox 360 game coupons code to get your favorite games that can be filtered under different genres, different hit levels and also on the basis of cost to take your gaming to the next level.

Get live:

You can also become a part of the huge community of gamers by becoming Xbox live gold member. You can use Microsoft Xbox 360 promotional codes Xbox Live, to play Xbox Live games through your Xbox 360 console. Xbox live is a service offered by Microsoft to help their customers get to a new world of gaming and entertainment. Of course, without this membership, you can get huge gaming experience, but live community is like social gaming and social entertainment.

So, make the best use of Microsoft Xbox 360 Promo Code at this juncture to get this gaming console. As mentioned earlier, it will turn out to be the center of entertainment for your whole family with a whole lot of entertainment factors other than games.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Promo Codes 2016 Differentiate the Old from Relatively New Consoles

By   August 1, 2016

The company that was formed by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in the year 1975, turned to be the feared money-making machine among competitors. Also, the competitors found that the prospects for a minimum spending on the company’s way to success seemed to be strong. When the company entered into gaming field, it was a great fear for those, who have already made their mark in the gaming field. But, as they feared Microsoft made their mark in the gaming industry too beginning with Xbox console, followed by Xbox 360 and again with Xbox One. Microsoft Xbox 360 Promo Codes available for purchasers now can be enthralling news for gaming enthusiasts without any doubt whatsoever.

Comparing the old with new:

Even though, Xbox 360 is the common name given to the console, Microsoft did not stop with a single console under this name. The company introduced many consoles with different features under the name of Xbox 360 and if you are considering an investment on Xbox 360, you will surely face confusion on which unit to purchase. Even though, you can use Microsoft Xbox 360 console coupon codes for any model of console you opt for, here is a comparison of the old Xbox 360 with relatively new models, so that you can decide whether some of these models can meet your gaming interest.

Xbox 360 Core:

This model was released by Microsoft alongside the Xbox Pro in November 2005. This was introduced as a basic console, but it lacked hard drive, which means that the users complained that they were not able to store games on it and also the complaint is that people are not able to use Xbox live on this model. Overheating was the biggest problem associated with this console and so Microsoft discontinued this model and replaced it with Xbox Arcade System.

Xbox 360 20GB Pro:

This model as also called as Xbox 360 Premium and it was also introduced in the year 2005. The highlights stated for this console were its ability to play games in High Definition, ability to connect with other gamers online and also the ability to play on Xbox Live was highly appreciated by users. This console also had a HDMI Output with a resolution of 1080p. This model was also discontinued in August 2008 and it was replaced by 60GB version of the box at the same cost due to the problem called as red ring of death.

Xbox 360 Arcade:

This model was introduced in the year 2007 as a replacement to the Xbox 360 Core model and was stated to be the ideal choice for casual gamers. Even though, similar to the core model, it lacked hard drive, it came with a 256 MB internal memory and then the same was upgraded to 512 MB. But, the users had to purchase an additional external drive to save games with high capability and there was a provision to attach external hard drive to the console. In addition, this unit came with HDMI controller, output support and also five Xbox Live arcade games. This system was also replaced in the year 2010 by 4G Xbox Slim Console.

Xbox 360 Elite:

The black matte finish and 120 GB hard drive made this unit highly attractive for gamer. It supported wireless controller and headset, but this unit also turned out to be outdated with the release of Xbox 360 slim version.

Likewise, Microsoft has introduced many models and now when you take Microsoft Xbox 360 console promotional codes for purchasing Xbox 360 console, you will find 4GB Peggle 2 Bundle and 500 GB holiday bundle. Of course, these two models have latest features and you can compare them before choosing one.