Microsoft Xbox One Promo Codes – Some FAQs Answered

By   December 6, 2016

At a stage, Microsoft enjoyed success in each and every endeavor that the company got into. But, there was a change in this trend in some of their products like their operating system for mobile platform. However, when it comes to the field of gaming, they registered their success with Xbox followed by Xbox 360 and again Xbox One. If you are an individual, who wish to be latest in all the products that you own, of course, the latest gaming console from Microsoft is Xbox One. Presently, the availability of Microsoft Xbox One Promo Code will surely enthrall you if you have been planning for the purchase of this console. However, before investing, you will have certain questions in your mind and let us try to find answer to some of the frequently asked questions about Xbox One consoles:

Should I have internet connection to use the console?

Many people are hesitant about investing on Xbox One consoles, just because they have a misconception that they can play games on this console, only when they have internet connection. But, this is not the fact. It is not essential that you should have net connection as you can play offline without any restriction.

Of course, you will need internet connection only during the process of removing DRM. When you do this, you should connect to Xbox Live once and then should download a patch that will help you in getting rid of the previous DRM Policy. Once this is done, you need not have internet connection to play games.

Will the console block the games that I have already played?

This is yet another mis-belief about the console. Many people think that once they have tried out a game in the console, they cannot play it again. But, after investing on the Microsoft Xbox One Consoles coupon codes, you can play the games that come along with the console for a number of times. The console will not remove the games.

Are there different Xbox One Consoles?

Yes, you will surely need the answer to this question. Even though, a common name Xbox One console is used for denoting the gaming console, you can find many consoles and bundles in this name, when you visit the Microsoft store to place your order. For instance, in one Xbox One bundle, you will find that there is 500 GB console, while in the other bundle, you will find that there is 1 TB Xbox One Console. Some of these bundles also come with Xbox Live Gold subscription for a period of 12 months or for 3 months, which differs from one bundle to another. So, you are recommended to compare different bundles before arriving at the decision with respect to your purchase. However, irrespective of the console you select, you can save on your purchase with Microsoft Xbox One Consoles promo codes.

How should I select the bundle?

You can use different selection criteria. If you are highly concerned about the memory of the Xbox One console, you should go for the bundle with better memory storage in the case of console. Again, if you are particularly about live gold membership, you should choose the bundle that offers better scope in this regard. There are also bundles that bring you just 14-day trial for trying out Xbox live gold.

Not just the consoles and bundles that were previously introduced, you can also find bundles that are yet to be introduced by Microsoft and can preorder the same, if you find them to be most suitable as against the other consoles that are already out to the market. When you are confused about the selection, you can talk to the expert online at Microsoft store when you place order, such that you will be in a better position to decide.

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