Microsoft Office 365 Business Promo Code 2017

By   January 24, 2017


Buy Microsoft Office 365 Business. Shop now!

Prices starts from $8.25 user/month with annual commitment for Office 365 Business, Office 365 Business Essentials, Office 365 Business Premium, Office 365 ProPlus, Office 365 Enterprise E1, Office 365 Enterprise E3, Office 365 Enterprise E5.

Are you aware of the all new Microsoft office 365 business version that has been exclusively designed for preparing proper official documents and presentations? If you are already aware of the software and wish to install it next time you update your office software suite, don’t forget to grab a suitably designed microsoft office 365 business discount code so that you get all monetary benefits for which the codes have been designed by Microsoft. Look out for the same over the internet or try to grab the offers by visiting to Microsoft retail stores so that you can choose the offers by your own and redeem them at payment counter.

Body: If you are an entrepreneur and planning to update your Office software suite, switch over to Business version this time as it would give you lots of benefits as a user which you might not get in your existing versions. The newly office compatible Microsoft Office is bestowed with several updated features which you would love to use as they are beneficial for your work. Further you would get several Microsoft Office 365 Business Promo Code offers though which you can find lofty discounts on your final purchase of the software and thus end up saving lots of money at your end. Can anything be better than this?

You can simply find out several differences in the business suite when compared to the home or office edition. However the company has retained similar applications like Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and so on. All your work can be saved over the cloud servers which is an important feature of using the business version because you can go home without the fear of losing your day’s hard work. Collaboration with colleagues will now become easier for you as all your files will be stored online and sharing them with anyone would be faster and easier for you by all means. Simply look for a suitable microsoft Office 365 Business promotion code so that you don’t find it difficult to get the software as the price would get slashed down to a considerable rate upon successful redemption of the same.

Just imagine, you can now capture all your ideas and thoughts not only over a keyboard like earlier but also through S Pen and touchscreens using Office Business versions. The formatting with MS excel becomes much easier because you can get tools that can auto complete your data understanding your pattern which is done by the improved programs that are clubbed with the new version. Think of designing customized materials related to marketing of your brand to your loyal customers through Office business suite and get appreciated even in a far better manner. Interestingly you can add unto 300 users to log in to Office 365 Business which means you now need to pay much less for all employees to use the software and that’s a lot of savings for your internal audit-isn’t it?

Microsoft along with the Office 365 Business has also come up with apps that can help you in all possible ways. For example, sway, which is a new application specified in Business version, can now allow you to create interactive and professional looking presentations, reports and other materials that can simply surprise your boss as well as your clients. Interestingly you can do all these through your phones, browsers or tablets and can simply adopt the latest technological methods that the whole world is trying to learn. What can be better than this? It is much easy to share sway and thus you can engage all your other colleagues to use the same for the overall benefit of the business. isn’t that great? So what are you waiting for? Grab the ideal Microsoft office 365 business coupon code for your business right today and make your workers give their best for overall progress of your organization.

Microsoft office 2016 for Mac Promo Code

By   January 2, 2017

Got a MAC PC? Look out for some Microsoft Office Coupon Code Mac before you upgrade for great discounts!

For all those Microsoft lovers, company has announced some exclusively designed Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code that can be really beneficial for the buyer. Go through for more updates and take your decision.

Microsoft has always been a user friendly company when it comes to design products for their loyal brand followers. If you are someone among them be happy to know that the company has now introduced the all new version of MS Office 365-2016 which is a much advanced version from the old 2013 one. You can also get the upgrades at your PC in case you follow the rules of subscription to Microsoft Office 365 which will surely give you several other benefits. You will also get lucrative discounts if you are able to grab the Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code that is available at any of the retail stores of the company. These stores are spread wide across the top cities of the world and if you are able to locate any one of them nearby your place, take a chance.

Choose the flavor of Microsoft 365-2016 that suits your preference. If you are a home user, and using the software for your personal use, Office 365 Personal or Office 365 Home is the right choice for you. For professionals, the company has offered Office Professional 2016 which has been designed in accordance. Business users can opt for Office 365 Home and Business which will suit their kind of chores. Whichever version you choose, be sure to get the latest version of PowerPoint, Office, or Excel that will enable you to access to advanced features and shortcuts for better presentations and spreadsheets.

There are certain other advantages you get when you choose to upgrade to the latest Office 365-2016. The company understands the growing need of storage today and hence they have allotted a 1TB of space for each user, using MS Office 365-2016 version. This would allow you to store all your official and personal documents and use/modify or share them as and when needed, without any time or location constraint. You will also be entitled to get a free hour of Skype calling to your friends staying away from you and a team of expert technicians ready to help, anytime anywhere when you get stuck. Can anything be better than this?

Most users today are slowly changing the focus from Windows to MAC and Microsoft, being fully aware of it has made the new software totally compatible to the new OS which is good news for all users across the globe. To make the version popular they have also announced several Microsoft Office Promo Code Mac offers which would give several kinds of discounts to the users while they purchase or upgrade their old versions to newer ones. Not only that you can also install the software into your PC, smart phones or even to your tablets so that you can continue work even not being present in front of your office desk or home. What can be better than this? So if you are still in thinking more about whether to go for the upgrade or not, just go through and check out what you would be losing!

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 Promo Code

By   December 24, 2016

Microsoft has launched all new Microsoft Home and Student 2016, which is the latest version of the software that has become one of the most popular creations from the company, ever since it was launched. Further with the announcement of suitably designed Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 Promo Code one can also find out several means of saving their hard earned money and thus get lots of discounts while you purchase the product at the counter. So if you are interested in upgrading your Microsoft Office without creating any pressure on your wallet, you should   definitely look for such codes before you put in your money.

If you are an existing Microsoft Office user on a regular basis and need to get the upgraded product launched by the company recently, you should definitely look for the suitable microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 coupon code that can give you lots of options to get lucrative discounts at the payment counter while you bring home the latest version. There are several such coupon codes found over the internet and you can also get hold of different kinds of promotional offers if you manage to spend few hours on it. Choose the ones that suit your budget and choice and redeem each of them while you upgrade your Office to the latest Microsoft Home and Student 2016 version.

The all new software has been given all the previous software suites like Word, PowerPoint and Excel apart from others and thus you can uninterruptedly continue working without any interruption. Further you get a 1TB of cloud storage which means there will be no dearth of space if you want to keep your videos, movies as well as pictures. Grab a Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code and make sure that you are able to redeem them in time. You can choose the subscription of 4 years which means there will be no need of payment for a longer period of time which is good news for busy individuals. With this scheme you can use the software in 2 PC’s irrespective of what operating system you are using. You can also use the same over your smart phones because you find the new Microsoft Office Home and Student compatible with the Android platform as well. So don’t you still feel that you don’t need to grab Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 promotional codes because you need to bring the software at a cheaper rate than marked?

Microsoft is very popular among youngsters when it comes to choose their software products especially Office suites because that one is used by professionals, students as well as homemakers. You can look for some suitable microsoft office home and student discount code at the retail stores because sometimes the company, in order to increase footfalls over there, announce some additional benefits through some special codes which might be exclusively fund there only. This would increase the sales figures significantly, and would also make the customers happy through some monetary discounts.

So you can highly understand that there is no need to waste time and paying the huge amount of money for the same software which you can get at such a low price. You should however be aware of the fact that you are not the only Microsoft product lover in the world and there are several others who constantly look for such announcement of microsoft office home and student promo code offers. So you should be very conscious so that you also are few of the first customers to grab the offers and redeem them as and when required. So hurry up and look out for the suitable microsoft Office Home and Student promotion code before you finally pay the price for the software. Rush to your nearest Microsoft store dealer only to look for the right combination of the codes and get lofty discounts from the best company in the world, when it comes to provide you the ultimate digital experience.
Buy Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac and do your best work. Get new, modern versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.Shop now!

Buy Microsoft Office Home & Student 2016. Get new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, plus OneDrive cloud storage, and do more on the go. Shop now!

Xbox One Promo Code 2017 Get $50 off, plus $30 gift code on Xbox One S Consoles

By   December 20, 2016

For game lovers, there is surely some reason to rejoice as you can now buy your favorite game console xbox one from Microsoft paying the lowest price possible. Hard to believe but indeed the company has announced absolutely free Microsoft Xbox one Promo Code offers for their brand followers that can slash down the final price of the device to a considerable extent. Grab these offers either from the internet or manage to look out for the same at any top retail store of Microsoft so that you can get hold of the right kind of offer for maximum benefits.

Ever since it was launched xbox one has become one of the most popular game consoles for people belonging to any part of the world. Microsoft has made it even more coveted with the announcements of several well designed code promotion microsoft xbox one that can give lots of discounts to the customers at the time of purchase. Xbox one comes with a bundle of video games, which would entertain you to the fullest. You may look out for such microsoft promo code xbox one at any of the Microsoft retail stores which are available at any of the top cities in the world. At these stores you can simply look out for some extra microsoft store promo code xbox one which are found exclusively there at the retails. Unfortunately if you have not found one nearby, you may simply surf internet for the best combination of such microsoft xbox one coupon code and get the same benefits.

Xbox one comes with all new features like Smart Match that allows you to find out which friend of yours match up to your level in gaming skills through powerful network servers so that you can find your perfect competitor. You can enjoy movies of your choice and also can share them with your friends. Get hold of a microsoft xbox one discount code and see how entertainment can enhance the quality of your life. The company has also launched some exclusive microsoft xbox one pre order promo code so that you can ensure that you are bringing xbox one home at a slashed down rate only. The device can perform multitasking in the best way possible so you can simply broadcast games, switch to apps rapidly, talk to your friends on chat through Skype and many more. Take out some time from your life to look for some microsoft xbox one promo codes and change the way you have been living so far. If you are a student then you may get some extra discount through microsoft xbox one student discount code which is specially designed for you by Microsoft.

Apart from Xbox One gaming console the company also comes up with several gaming accessories without which the experience will always remain dull for you. Don’t forget to look for Xbox One chat set, Media remote, game captures kits or even power kits. Fortunately the company has announced promo code microsoft xbox one offers for such accessories too. Check out the Xbox wireless controllers which would come with new impulse trigger technology for motion games at their best. Hit at any of the Microsoft store for promo code xbox one microsoft store special offers so that you don’t miss out these along with your xbox one device. You will get some additional benefits with some specially designed xbox one microsoft discount code at the stores because not many people visit there in the new age of internet. However the sole motive of announcing these store dependent xbox one microsoft promo code is to increase the number of people hit the stores on a regular basis.

If you are an ardent fan of Microsoft just like thousands of people all across the world, you need to be quite conscious. These xbox one game promo code offers are quite lucrative and finish off within few days of their announcements. That is why you are given a chance to grab these offers at the earliest, because they won’t last long. Keep your senses open so that you become few of the early birds to grab these xbox one promo codes for your own self. Don’t waste time as that can simply make you lose golden opportunities and redeem this microsoft xbox one promotion code as early as possible.

Windows 10 Pro Promo Code 2017 for new Features and Surprises

By   December 18, 2016

Windows 10 home has been the most wonderful creations of Microsoft and has been able to outnumber all other competitors through its advanced features that have been incorporated into it by the company. There are several Microsoft windows 10 home promotion code offered by them so that the users can purchase the upgraded new software at ease without any financial pressure on their wallets. So if you are planning to buy or upgrade to Windows 10 home, you can look for the same over the internet or can hit any of those retail stores of Microsoft that are spread all over the world across all major cities.

For all those individuals who have a fetish towards Microsoft products and love to use updated products from the company, can now look for Windows 10 which is the latest system software in the market. You can upgrade your existing Windows 7, 8 or even 8.1 in to the new version or can download it from the internet for your PC. While you are downloading the software, try to get some Microsoft windows 10 home promo code which can be quite beneficial for you as you pay the final price for Windows 10 home. The reason is simple-all new features that have been added to the new software has made the price go higher and that is why Microsoft has launched these Microsoft windows 10 home coupon code so that customers can still buy them without any fiscal issues.

Windows 10 home has a faster and better startup menu, and work can be spread across multiple devices for ease of use. There is a personal digital assistant called Cortana which helps the user by all means to continue work and technologies like InstantGo allows the machine to boot faster in comparison to the other versions. Get suitably designed microsoft windows 10 home discount code so that you can bring home this better version of operating system at a much slashed down rate that is provided with several in built security features essential for working. This can also protect your machine from several malicious software which can otherwise devastate it completely and make you lose your important files and software. So don’t you feel to get some promo code for microsoft windows 10 so that you can save your work from being crashed with all new Windows 10?

Windows 10 has been designed in order to execute multitasking for users and allows almost 4 to 5 things to snap on screen for users to work on. Isn’t that great? Not only that if you feel that the screen is getting crowded with too much work, why don’t you create virtual desktops which can give you more space to work? Put all your key settings and notifications on a single easy to reach screen so that you can work much faster when needed. Surf the internet and spend some time there to get microsoft windows 10 professional promo code and take home this best creation from Microsoft to your home without any delay. The all new Microsoft Edge browser is far better than others and onscreen features like Continuum can make navigations much ore easy for you while you are working. You may also try to find a retail store near your place so that you get the best Windows 10 Promo Code for best deal to be struck with Microsoft.

Take some time away from your busy schedule in order to grab the right offer from Microsoft. Sometimes you lose the best windows 10 coupon code because you were late and all those other Microsoft fans, eagerly waiting for the same, have taken it away. Students can get some extra benefits from these promotional offers, because Microsoft has designed some special windows 10 student promo code for them only. So wasting time will simply make you get far away from the best. Grab a windows 10 promotional code today and make sure you are redeeming it at the right time at the right place.

Office 2016 Promo Code for Office 365 Renewal

By   December 15, 2016

Redefine the work culture with Microsoft Applications

Present generation is looking more flexibility in delivering the work though they are fine with the strict deadlines. Moreover, it is evident that when the employees are less strained and stressed they would be able to deliver the output at a fast pace which would also be best in quality. For this purpose, you could get the suit of applications using Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code. When the gadgets the employees are personally using have lot many features embedded in them, then why not the work place be modified to meet the technology advancements. How about redefining the way you work with the same old applications?

You could use any sort of device to work on the Microsoft applications like the digital pen or the keyboard depending on the place from where one is working. Also, rather than confining the storage to one single computer or laptop, you could make it centralized with the one drive that comes with the Microsoft applications package which you could purchase at a discounted rate by using the Promo Code. Also, one interesting feature of the 365 set of applications is that you could visualize the changes that are being done by other team members to the documents that are saved in the common share folder like the one drive.

Of course, you could create multiple documents in one drive to represent each project that is done by your team. It means that you have complete visibility of what everyone in the team is doing without having to conduct any sort of status meetings. This visibility is made possible only when you understand the fact that Microsoft Office discount code could be used to buy the latest Microsoft suit of applications. One major advantage of using the one drive is that you do not have to send multiple files and multiple versions of each file in the emails and thus waste the bandwidth that is provided for each email account created for the employees.

Also, you could conduct meetings instantly from the location you are, you do not have to be physically meet everyone at one single place just to have a glance at the files. You could just share the files with simple mouse clicks and invite all of them whom you think should be part of the discussion. This could be achieved with people application. You could welcome the opinions and thoughts of the audience on the documents that are shared with them. The Promo Code would give you this complete power of changing the work culture. You may even check the calendar of the person to whom you are planning to invite for the discussion on the documents and files that are present in one drive.

One challenge you may face is to work on the Mac machines for which you may have to prefer the Microsoft Office Coupon Code Mac, that does let you enjoy all the above discussed flexibilities on your mac devices.

Surface Studio Promo Code turn your Desk Into Studio

By   December 9, 2016

Many people are ardent followers of Microsoft and if you are one such individual, you might have already heard about their Surface Studio. As the name of this device denotes, it is an all-in-one PC. Microsoft is the producer of this great unit and it is introduced as a part of the Windows-based personal computing device series. This system holds the pride of being the first to be introduced under the category of a desktop by Microsoft. With the anniversary update preinstalled, this unit comes with Windows 10 OS and you can save on its pre-ordering with Surface Studio Promo Code.

If you are looking to invest on the latest desktop that should help you with professional use, you can opt for Surface Studio with Surface Studio coupon code.

If you are planning to invest on the latest Surface Studio, it is better to understand that at the present instance, you can pre-order this device. But, before preordering, you will be interested in gathering some details about this latest all-in-one PC, isn’t? Let us gather some details here:

The heart of Surface Studio:

The heart of the Surface Studio is its 28-inch PixelSense Display says, reviewers. It has a very stunning look and most people, who have got the chance to get a glimpse of this system has stated that this is that this system has the best monitor that they have ever used. The monitor brings life-like images and videos as you cannot see the pixels. Not just videos and images, but other things like texts also look really stunning. Even though it is not an OLED screen, you can even hold a piece of paper in front of a word document on this screen and you will see that the piece of paper in your hand and in the monitor look almost equal. Let us gather more details about the monitor before you preorder this unit with Surface Studio coupon code.


The Surface Studio uses a 4500×3000 resolution and also the unit has a 3:2 aspect ratio. This is something unusual in the case of desktop  monitors. But, the same ratio was used by Microsoft in their Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 monitors. The extra vertical space of the monitor will be of great help if you do a lot of reading and writing on your Surface Studio. Even though you will find it difficult initially to get used to the size, with time, you will find the size highly helpful. Also, the screen provides reflective and glossy images, but most people will not find this troublesome based on the way in which they place the display.

Giant tablet:

The beautiful display also doubles as a giant tablet. Also, the whole display is highly thin and it comes at an unbelievable size of 13mm thickness. Not just pressure-sensitive Surface Pens, this monitor is also touch-screen enabled. To prop the display up, Microsoft has used the zero-gravity hinge and also just a push on the top of the display will help you get the chance to turn the display into various angles.

Powerful accessories:

Not just to place an order for this great monitor, but also to place the order for a number of accessories for  Surface Studio introduced by Microsoft, you can use Surface Studio promo code. With this promotional code, you can save on shopping for Surface Studio accessories like Surface Dial, ergonomic Surface Keyboard, Surface mouse and others you find on Microsoft online. When Surface Studio will itself bring you a new experience, these powerful accessories can make your experience with Surface Studio even more enjoyable and funfilled with this system.


Many great additions like Windows 10 Pro, includes Surface Pen, ultr-thin adjustable PixelSense technology, and 6th generation Intel Core make Surface Studio, the best addition for any professional and also personal use.

Microsoft Xbox One Promo Codes – Some FAQs Answered

By   December 6, 2016

At a stage, Microsoft enjoyed success in each and every endeavor that the company got into. But, there was a change in this trend in some of their products like their operating system for mobile platform. However, when it comes to the field of gaming, they registered their success with Xbox followed by Xbox 360 and again Xbox One. If you are an individual, who wish to be latest in all the products that you own, of course, the latest gaming console from Microsoft is Xbox One. Presently, the availability of Microsoft Xbox One Promo Code will surely enthrall you if you have been planning for the purchase of this console. However, before investing, you will have certain questions in your mind and let us try to find answer to some of the frequently asked questions about Xbox One consoles:

Should I have internet connection to use the console?

Many people are hesitant about investing on Xbox One consoles, just because they have a misconception that they can play games on this console, only when they have internet connection. But, this is not the fact. It is not essential that you should have net connection as you can play offline without any restriction.

Of course, you will need internet connection only during the process of removing DRM. When you do this, you should connect to Xbox Live once and then should download a patch that will help you in getting rid of the previous DRM Policy. Once this is done, you need not have internet connection to play games.

Will the console block the games that I have already played?

This is yet another mis-belief about the console. Many people think that once they have tried out a game in the console, they cannot play it again. But, after investing on the Microsoft Xbox One Consoles coupon codes, you can play the games that come along with the console for a number of times. The console will not remove the games.

Are there different Xbox One Consoles?

Yes, you will surely need the answer to this question. Even though, a common name Xbox One console is used for denoting the gaming console, you can find many consoles and bundles in this name, when you visit the Microsoft store to place your order. For instance, in one Xbox One bundle, you will find that there is 500 GB console, while in the other bundle, you will find that there is 1 TB Xbox One Console. Some of these bundles also come with Xbox Live Gold subscription for a period of 12 months or for 3 months, which differs from one bundle to another. So, you are recommended to compare different bundles before arriving at the decision with respect to your purchase. However, irrespective of the console you select, you can save on your purchase with Microsoft Xbox One Consoles promo codes.

How should I select the bundle?

You can use different selection criteria. If you are highly concerned about the memory of the Xbox One console, you should go for the bundle with better memory storage in the case of console. Again, if you are particularly about live gold membership, you should choose the bundle that offers better scope in this regard. There are also bundles that bring you just 14-day trial for trying out Xbox live gold.

Not just the consoles and bundles that were previously introduced, you can also find bundles that are yet to be introduced by Microsoft and can preorder the same, if you find them to be most suitable as against the other consoles that are already out to the market. When you are confused about the selection, you can talk to the expert online at Microsoft store when you place order, such that you will be in a better position to decide.

Office 2016 Promo Code Microsoft Suit of Applications Gives your Business a Good Support

By   November 27, 2016

One would always need a good start of the day. Similarly, your business venture would need a good support and good beginning in terms of communicating with the users without any hassles. For approaching clients, mailing is the best option you could choose with the minimal content placed in it. Of course, when the mail you sent receives a positive response you could come up with the presentation document. You could choose the Microsoft power point presentation as most of the clients would be aligned to the screens that are decorated out of it. The Microsoft Office 2016 Promo Code would help you get the entire set of office services and tools so that you could achieve a great success in your business venture.

In the presentation document, you may not have the option to do calculations and hence you should rely on the excel in which you have lot of features that enable you to compute and device all the logics that are likely to run your business. The presentation should be meaningful and thus you could use the standard colors to show the progress of your business or the progress of the project that you are working with the client. Every client wants to be unique and if this is the standard that you have set to render client specific solutions then be sure that you should customize the colors that are used in the excel data representation and the presentation documents.

You should and must admit that such offers enables you to acquire knowledge and implement the same at the right time so that your business proposals are on the top list and would eventually be awarded. As and when you grow it is very crucial that you maintain the timelines for various projects that you are working for various clients. Apart from the deadlines there are also certain milestones after reaching which you should be able to call for a meeting with the client and explain the status. This sort of client engagements could be taken care with the Calendar feature.

As and when you are committed to do a task at a time it is good that you feed in the Calendar of the Microsoft suit that you have bought with the Microsoft Office 2016 Promo code. When you do not fill such details into the calendar there is a chance you may forget thecommitments made to old clients and with the eagerness to win one more new client you may commit for a meeting during the time slot that has already been allocated for a different client.

Though we have not specifically mentioned above, the project details should always be documented in the Microsoft Word Document that is more readable and understandable by the common public. In addition to the list of the tools discussed so far, you could also think about using the one drive of the Microsoft Suit to have one single place for storing all the important documents. Knowing the potential of Microsoft Suit hope you would not deny from using the promo code to own it.

Get a Surface Dial free ($99 value) with Surface Studio Promo Code

By   November 15, 2016

Get The Power You Need With The Surface Studio Promo Code.

You might be aware of the fact that Microsoft Surface, which is often popularly called as Surface is a lineup of Windows Personal Computers that were developed by the tech giant Microsoft. Also, this lineup was produced by Pegatron. This lineup encompasses four generations of fusion tablets and also tablets that can be converted into laptops and also the Surface Book, which is a full-sized laptop. Now, the latest addition to the Surface family is the all-in-one Surface Studio. If you are looking to invest on a branded desktop, you can use Surface Studio coupon code to pre-order.

Many of us love to work on a desktop with the latest technologies and facilities. If you are such an individual, you can use Surface Studio coupon code to preorder Studio.

Microsoft has announced that their release date for the first generation Surface Studio is 15th of December 2016. However, the company made an announcement about this PC on the 26th of October 2016 at the Windows 10 Devices Event as the unit comes preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro. On the same date, the company also announced that they are ready to get preorders for this all-in-one PC that is going to be released with some excellent features. When you pre-order now, you can get a free Surface Dial along with the savings you can enjoy on your pre-ordering with Surface Studio Promo Code.

Different options to choose from:

Microsoft is going to release Surface Studio with different processors and RAM capacity to meet the requirement of different shoppers. The options available are 1TB/Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM/2GB GPU. The another option is 16 GB RAM with the same GPU along with Intel Core i7 and the same 1TB. The third option available is 32 GB RAM with 4GB GPU and Intel Core i7 with 2TB storage. The unit comes with 28-inch ultra-thin monitor with adjustable PixelSense Display. The Surface Pen is also included with this unit. Now, you can place your order and can get free Surface Dial until the 1st of December 2016. On your pre-ordering, you can use Surface Studio coupon code to save some money.

Instantly turn your desk into a studio:

For professionals in the creative line of work, Surface Studio can be an excellent choice. As the monitor has a huge PixelSense Display, a huge canvas is obtainable with this device for different types of creative tasks. The users can just position the system upright for editing photos, for painting and even for sketching purpose. They can also use it like a drafting table by placing it flat on the table. This means that Surface Studio is going to bring limitless possibilities for designers and artists, who can enjoy savings with Surface Studio promo code.

Ideas can be brought into reality:

The amazingly huge and extremely thin display with razor-sharp PixelSense will help with creating immersive pictures. Artists can visualize ideas as they paint and design and the color depth of 10-bit will immerse them into the creation. Also, they can watch their ideas to get into reality with a 13.5 million pixel of color and clarity. The views will be highly inspiring when seen from any part of a huge room. The Surface Studio coupon code will make all these things possible with affordability.

Effortless transformation of desk into studio:

Irrespective of whether an artist uses the system by keeping it flat in studio mode or use it as a desktop, the amazing versatility will enhance his/her creativity to a great extent.  They can visualize, draw, can touch and can develop their ideas just like they do it in a piece of paper. They can get better control over their creativity with accessories like Surface Dial, Surface Pen and Windows Ink feature. Everything is possible at the best cost with Surface Studio promo code.

The required power:

With the distinctive NVIDIA GeForce Graphics and with the 6th Generation Intel Core Processors, this can be the best system ever for running professional grade software programs. When connected with the best accessories for Surface Studio, everything will jointly take their creativity to a new level for artists, who can experience money savings with Surface Studio coupon code when they pre-order Surface Studio.