Save up to $129 on Surface Book 2 Essentials Bundle with Promo Code

By   February 13, 2018

Starting at just $1499 this is the most trusted and most powerful Surface from Microsoft. This powerful device is available in 15 and 13.5 PixelSense Display and comes with high-speed and up-to-date Intel processors that are available in both quad-core and dual-core. NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics up to 1060 gives the best viewing of videos and games with perfect resolution.

The unparallel battery life that extends to almost all 17 hours makes the user work freely without the fear of losing the battery backup. This Surface isn’t only for professionals with it’s unparallel professionally crafted software but is also designed well to enjoy your favorite games.

The all-new USB-C port is something that is not present for any other devices that come as competitors for Surface Book 2. Weighing as light as feather (just 3.38 lbs along with keyboard) it has the best-in-class features such as Windows 10 Pro and latest Office 2016.

Though made with lightweight materials and most sophisticated software it is available for all and suits everyone be it professionals, creators, or even students. And to support this availability Microsoft gives Special price for eligible military, parents, students, and teachers. It transforms itself into the mode you want without much effort. Use it in Studio mode or a laptop mode or a tablet mode for your convenience.

It works extremely well with all the Surface accessories such as Surface Dial, Surface Pen, Surface Arc Mouse and Surface Dock giving the user the much ease to do works in whichever mode he wishes for in these 3 modes.

Do remember this classy and powerful gadget comes with Microsoft trust and excellence and so the purchaser gets exceptional support and care from Microsoft Store in addition to 30 days hassle-free returns, free training, and in-store support in addition to technical assistance through phone. With these many unbeatable support favors from Microsoft, it would definitely be a sin if you don’t buy one using Surface Book 2 Promo Code.

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