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By   March 24, 2016

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Why it’s impossible to keep your hands off the XBox One!

Obedience and intelligence is a great combination when it comes to personal devices. And Xbox One delights you on those two counts! A device custom-tailored to fit your entertainment needs, Xbox One provides a one-stop solution to everything that comes within the universe of entertainment. Whether you want to watch TV, or listen to songs, watch your favorite sport or chat with your friends and oops! Did we forget gaming?!) – Xbox One blends it all into a seamless experience. With a super-smart Kinect- all you have to do to navigate through apps is use a simple voice command! Being heavily web-integrated, it also brings you wider choice, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Intelligent features like Smart Match make gaming more immersive than ever while Kinect surprises you with the extent to which it can distinguish visually and aurally. For instance, Xbox One claims to be able to identify your voice from a cacophony of voices and respond to only your commands and facial login automatically identifies you by face , when you’re in front of the console and signs you in! That’s how Microsoft ensures you’re glued to your Xbox throughout your living room time.

Imagine your living room without the Xbox One (I bet you can’t do this once you’ve stated using it!). Suppose in the midst of your game, you suddenly have an impulse to listen to a particular song- you’d probably have to wait till you finish the game or stop it for a moment, walk over to your music system and play it up on a CD Unfortunately if you don’t have it on CD, you’ll be scouring the internet on your laptop or smartphone- all the while that precious game moments are being wasted. Enter Xbox One- and see how the fun begins! You don’t even need to step out of your game. Period. You can simply use the Kinect to voice search for your song- being heavily web-integrated, Kinect does that in a second and bingo! You can listen to your tune while playing your game, without once having to move out of the system. What’s more, with the voice sensitive Kinect, it’s easy to switch between apps or snap apps so you can do two things at a time. Every app on Xbox One 9excluding Skype) can also be snapped to the right side of your screen in a mini window, either by pressing the menu button on the app, or by saying “Xbox, snap [so-and-so app]”. Skype runs “under” games or other apps, so you can use the Kinect headset or mic to chat, while performing other tasks simultaneously. Not only is Xbox One more obedient, it is infinitely responsive to your whims! That sure feels flattering. Plus the fact that you can switch from game to TV and back or play a game and watch a movie in the same frame gives you a certain edgy feeling too!

While Xbox One was designed to rule your living room entertainment et al, it still remains a hardcore gaming machine. In fact, this time around gaming gets more intensive with features like SmartMatch. Using this, you can find yourself the right competition from world over- Smart Match picks players matching your skills and level from among a global database, raising the bar a tad higher. And with so many more entertainment options to indulge in, the (anyway less0 waiting period seems even shorter. What’s more- you can record your gameplay live and even share videos of your victorious moments with friends. Choose from a huge gallery of games in every genre and jump into the fun NOW!

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