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Surface Studio Promo Code turn your Desk Into Studio

By   December 9, 2016

Many people are ardent followers of Microsoft and if you are one such individual, you might have already heard about their Surface Studio. As the name of this device denotes, it is an all-in-one PC. Microsoft is the producer of this great unit and it is introduced as a part of the Windows-based personal computing device series. This system holds the pride of being the first to be introduced under the category of a desktop by Microsoft. With the anniversary update preinstalled, this unit comes with Windows 10 OS and you can save on its pre-ordering with Surface Studio Promo Code.

If you are looking to invest on the latest desktop that should help you with professional use, you can opt for Surface Studio with Surface Studio coupon code.

If you are planning to invest on the latest Surface Studio, it is better to understand that at the present instance, you can pre-order this device. But, before preordering, you will be interested in gathering some details about this latest all-in-one PC, isn’t? Let us gather some details here:

The heart of Surface Studio:

The heart of the Surface Studio is its 28-inch PixelSense Display says, reviewers. It has a very stunning look and most people, who have got the chance to get a glimpse of this system has stated that this is that this system has the best monitor that they have ever used. The monitor brings life-like images and videos as you cannot see the pixels. Not just videos and images, but other things like texts also look really stunning. Even though it is not an OLED screen, you can even hold a piece of paper in front of a word document on this screen and you will see that the piece of paper in your hand and in the monitor look almost equal. Let us gather more details about the monitor before you preorder this unit with Surface Studio coupon code.


The Surface Studio uses a 4500×3000 resolution and also the unit has a 3:2 aspect ratio. This is something unusual in the case of desktop  monitors. But, the same ratio was used by Microsoft in their Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 monitors. The extra vertical space of the monitor will be of great help if you do a lot of reading and writing on your Surface Studio. Even though you will find it difficult initially to get used to the size, with time, you will find the size highly helpful. Also, the screen provides reflective and glossy images, but most people will not find this troublesome based on the way in which they place the display.

Giant tablet:

The beautiful display also doubles as a giant tablet. Also, the whole display is highly thin and it comes at an unbelievable size of 13mm thickness. Not just pressure-sensitive Surface Pens, this monitor is also touch-screen enabled. To prop the display up, Microsoft has used the zero-gravity hinge and also just a push on the top of the display will help you get the chance to turn the display into various angles.

Powerful accessories:

Not just to place an order for this great monitor, but also to place the order for a number of accessories for  Surface Studio introduced by Microsoft, you can use Surface Studio promo code. With this promotional code, you can save on shopping for Surface Studio accessories like Surface Dial, ergonomic Surface Keyboard, Surface mouse and others you find on Microsoft online. When Surface Studio will itself bring you a new experience, these powerful accessories can make your experience with Surface Studio even more enjoyable and funfilled with this system.


Many great additions like Windows 10 Pro, includes Surface Pen, ultr-thin adjustable PixelSense technology, and 6th generation Intel Core make Surface Studio, the best addition for any professional and also personal use.

Get a Surface Dial free ($99 value) with Surface Studio Promo Code

By   November 15, 2016

Get The Power You Need With The Surface Studio Promo Code.

You might be aware of the fact that Microsoft Surface, which is often popularly called as Surface is a lineup of Windows Personal Computers that were developed by the tech giant Microsoft. Also, this lineup was produced by Pegatron. This lineup encompasses four generations of fusion tablets and also tablets that can be converted into laptops and also the Surface Book, which is a full-sized laptop. Now, the latest addition to the Surface family is the all-in-one Surface Studio. If you are looking to invest on a branded desktop, you can use Surface Studio coupon code to pre-order.

Many of us love to work on a desktop with the latest technologies and facilities. If you are such an individual, you can use Surface Studio coupon code to preorder Studio.

Microsoft has announced that their release date for the first generation Surface Studio is 15th of December 2016. However, the company made an announcement about this PC on the 26th of October 2016 at the Windows 10 Devices Event as the unit comes preinstalled with Windows 10 Pro. On the same date, the company also announced that they are ready to get preorders for this all-in-one PC that is going to be released with some excellent features. When you pre-order now, you can get a free Surface Dial along with the savings you can enjoy on your pre-ordering with Surface Studio Promo Code.

Different options to choose from:

Microsoft is going to release Surface Studio with different processors and RAM capacity to meet the requirement of different shoppers. The options available are 1TB/Intel Core i5 – 8GB RAM/2GB GPU. The another option is 16 GB RAM with the same GPU along with Intel Core i7 and the same 1TB. The third option available is 32 GB RAM with 4GB GPU and Intel Core i7 with 2TB storage. The unit comes with 28-inch ultra-thin monitor with adjustable PixelSense Display. The Surface Pen is also included with this unit. Now, you can place your order and can get free Surface Dial until the 1st of December 2016. On your pre-ordering, you can use Surface Studio coupon code to save some money.

Instantly turn your desk into a studio:

For professionals in the creative line of work, Surface Studio can be an excellent choice. As the monitor has a huge PixelSense Display, a huge canvas is obtainable with this device for different types of creative tasks. The users can just position the system upright for editing photos, for painting and even for sketching purpose. They can also use it like a drafting table by placing it flat on the table. This means that Surface Studio is going to bring limitless possibilities for designers and artists, who can enjoy savings with Surface Studio promo code.

Ideas can be brought into reality:

The amazingly huge and extremely thin display with razor-sharp PixelSense will help with creating immersive pictures. Artists can visualize ideas as they paint and design and the color depth of 10-bit will immerse them into the creation. Also, they can watch their ideas to get into reality with a 13.5 million pixel of color and clarity. The views will be highly inspiring when seen from any part of a huge room. The Surface Studio coupon code will make all these things possible with affordability.

Effortless transformation of desk into studio:

Irrespective of whether an artist uses the system by keeping it flat in studio mode or use it as a desktop, the amazing versatility will enhance his/her creativity to a great extent.  They can visualize, draw, can touch and can develop their ideas just like they do it in a piece of paper. They can get better control over their creativity with accessories like Surface Dial, Surface Pen and Windows Ink feature. Everything is possible at the best cost with Surface Studio promo code.

The required power:

With the distinctive NVIDIA GeForce Graphics and with the 6th Generation Intel Core Processors, this can be the best system ever for running professional grade software programs. When connected with the best accessories for Surface Studio, everything will jointly take their creativity to a new level for artists, who can experience money savings with Surface Studio coupon code when they pre-order Surface Studio.