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Microsoft Xbox 360 Console Promo Codes 2016 Differentiate the Old from Relatively New Consoles

By   August 1, 2016

The company that was formed by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in the year 1975, turned to be the feared money-making machine among competitors. Also, the competitors found that the prospects for a minimum spending on the company’s way to success seemed to be strong. When the company entered into gaming field, it was a great fear for those, who have already made their mark in the gaming field. But, as they feared Microsoft made their mark in the gaming industry too beginning with Xbox console, followed by Xbox 360 and again with Xbox One. Microsoft Xbox 360 Promo Codes available for purchasers now can be enthralling news for gaming enthusiasts without any doubt whatsoever.

Comparing the old with new:

Even though, Xbox 360 is the common name given to the console, Microsoft did not stop with a single console under this name. The company introduced many consoles with different features under the name of Xbox 360 and if you are considering an investment on Xbox 360, you will surely face confusion on which unit to purchase. Even though, you can use Microsoft Xbox 360 console coupon codes for any model of console you opt for, here is a comparison of the old Xbox 360 with relatively new models, so that you can decide whether some of these models can meet your gaming interest.

Xbox 360 Core:

This model was released by Microsoft alongside the Xbox Pro in November 2005. This was introduced as a basic console, but it lacked hard drive, which means that the users complained that they were not able to store games on it and also the complaint is that people are not able to use Xbox live on this model. Overheating was the biggest problem associated with this console and so Microsoft discontinued this model and replaced it with Xbox Arcade System.

Xbox 360 20GB Pro:

This model as also called as Xbox 360 Premium and it was also introduced in the year 2005. The highlights stated for this console were its ability to play games in High Definition, ability to connect with other gamers online and also the ability to play on Xbox Live was highly appreciated by users. This console also had a HDMI Output with a resolution of 1080p. This model was also discontinued in August 2008 and it was replaced by 60GB version of the box at the same cost due to the problem called as red ring of death.

Xbox 360 Arcade:

This model was introduced in the year 2007 as a replacement to the Xbox 360 Core model and was stated to be the ideal choice for casual gamers. Even though, similar to the core model, it lacked hard drive, it came with a 256 MB internal memory and then the same was upgraded to 512 MB. But, the users had to purchase an additional external drive to save games with high capability and there was a provision to attach external hard drive to the console. In addition, this unit came with HDMI controller, output support and also five Xbox Live arcade games. This system was also replaced in the year 2010 by 4G Xbox Slim Console.

Xbox 360 Elite:

The black matte finish and 120 GB hard drive made this unit highly attractive for gamer. It supported wireless controller and headset, but this unit also turned out to be outdated with the release of Xbox 360 slim version.

Likewise, Microsoft has introduced many models and now when you take Microsoft Xbox 360 console promotional codes for purchasing Xbox 360 console, you will find 4GB Peggle 2 Bundle and 500 GB holiday bundle. Of course, these two models have latest features and you can compare them before choosing one.