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Xbox Live Promo Code

By   October 7, 2016

Before the introduction of Xbox gaming console by Microsoft, gaming enthusiasts were enjoying great gaming through the phone platform with 56.6K modems. However, gamers, who were interested in computer-based games shrugged with the Dreamcast found success in connecting their living rooms with the World Wide Web. As people those days were highly concerned about graphics, they had been playing with each other. After the popularity of Xbox, came the Xbox 360 and now the journey of Microsoft has extended until Xbox One. Now, gamers are able to get even more enjoyable gaming with Xbox Live. Gaming enthusiasts now have very good news in the form of free Xbox Live Gold promo codes to take their gaming to the next level.

Xbox Live – An introduction:

Xbox Live is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service that was created and also operated by Microsoft. The year 2002 is the landmark in the history of Microsoft as the company made Xbox Live available to the Xbox users from the month of November in 2002. The service was extended to Xbox 360 users as well from November 2005 and again an improved version of Xbox Live was introduced for Xbox One users on the year 2013. With these things said, you can now use free Xbox Live Gold promotional codes to get the gold membership.

Free and paid versions of Xbox Live:

Xbox Live comes both as a free version and as paid version in the names of Xbox Live Silver and Xbox Live Gold respectively. Even though, you will be paying for the gold version, you can enjoy better facilities and features as compared to the silver version. Furthermore, you can bring down the cost of paying towards gold membership with Microsoft Xbox Live discount code.

Extras in paid version as compared to free version:

You might be interested in understanding what more you will get in paid version as compared to the free version? The answer is that in Gold version, you will get voice messaging, voice/party chat, Video Kinect, online multiplying, media sharing, live broadcasting, Game DVR, access to demo version of games, before their introduction. These facilities are not available for Xbox Live Silver members. When you are able to get these facilities at better cost with Microsoft Xbox Live Promo Codes, there is something to enthrall, isn’t?

Besides these things, you can get access to several third party applications as well, when you become live gold member as against being a silver member.

Exclusive features for Xbox One and Xbox 360 users:

Irrespective of whether you own, Xbox One or Xbox 360, you can use Microsoft Xbox Live promotion code to get your version of Xbox Live. There are exclusive features specially designed for Xbox 360 and Xbox One users. So, the users of both these consoles will be on the beneficial side, when they get live gold membership.  In the case of students, regardless of the console, they own, they can take their avatar on their gaming console to the next level with live gold membership that can be purchased with Microsoft Xbox Live student discount code.

Join the world’s premier gaming community:

With Xbox Live Microsoft point’s promo codes, you can become a part of the world’s premier gaming community. You will be in a position to get new friends and can chat and can also play against them. As the online community is huge, you are sure to find the right opponent with the same skill set like you, irrespective of the country to which your opponent belong to.

With these many facilities and with the opportunity to take your gaming to the elite group, you will never feel hesitant about investing on gold membership, isn’t? Your hesitation with respect to finance can also be met with Xbox Live promotional code.